Cannes Deconstructed – Contagious

2017. szeptember 21. csütörtök
a nagy érdeklődésre való tekintettel két időpontban:
15:00-16:00 és 20:00-21:00

Helyszín: Brody Studios (1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 38.)

Előadó: Georgia Malden

Georgia Malden:

Georgia is a senior strategist and projects director at Contagious, a publication and consultancy that advises companies on trends and innovations in marketing and communications. She has worked with clients in a wide range of sectors, including Heineken, LVMH and Sony Music, delivering creative innovation and digital strategy workshops as well as trend briefings on areas such as digital commerce and branded content. Georgia’s previous experience includes, Sotheby’s and the advertising intelligence company Xtreme Information, where she launched Directory, a global showcase of the best in direct marketing, before joining Contagious in 2008.

Cannes Deconstructed:

Contagious' 2017 Cannes Deconstructed session distils the Cannes Lions Festival into a 60-minute presentation, designed to uncover the key trends, drill down into the awarded work and make sense of the biggest shifts affecting the marketing industry. Amongst other themes, this session will explore how juries sought to redefine what 'integrated marketing' means today, the evolution of AI and its application in creative campaigns and what the shifting landscape of Cannes means for the wider industry.

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MAKSZ tagoknak: 10.000,-+áfa


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